Weather Unit Up!

Our Weather Unit is now posted on our TeachersPayTeachers store!

We are so excited to share this first unit with the world. We've been working on it for many years and have revised it using real classroom experience.

Weather Book List

Hi everyone! 
 I just finished putting together a book list that goes with our Weather Unit. You can check it out under the Resources page!

Reading books is such a great way to incorporate new learning into your lessons. We use books all the time to teach about new ideas and to introduce new concepts.

We will continue working on building our recommended book lists for our other upcoming units. Stay tuned!

The Discussion Stoplight

Hey friends!

In this post, I wanted to flesh out one of our tools - The Discussion Stoplight!

The idea behind the stoplight is simple - name and track the talk moves that students are doing during discussions.

The stoplight is broken into four talk moves: New Idea, Add On, Repeat, and Critique.

The Discussion Stoplight is great because it can be used in many different ways! You can put tally marks next to each talk move to track how many of each you have during your discussion. You can show trends in which talk moves are most common with your group and use this information to vary the student contributions. For example,  you might say "I see we have a lot of new ideas. Does anyone want to add on to one of the new ideas?"

Another way I like to use the stoplight is to add accountability to our discussions. I do this by using photo magnets to move students next to each talk move. In this way, we can track individual student contributions and connect student thinking.

As students are sharing, I verbally name what they are doing. I say things like "It sounds like you're adding on to ___'s idea." or "Oh, that's a new idea!" Using common language with students is a great way to transfer the learning to them. They begin to pick up on the different talk moves they are making, and begin to talk to each other more effectively.

This tool is great to use anytime you're having a discussion! I've used it mainly in science, but I've also used it when doing a read aloud discussion (when doing a close reading section).

I hope this was helpful for you! If you're interested in getting a stoplight of your own, head over to our TpT Store to download one for free!

Starting Strong 2018

Hi everyone!

Michelle and I had an awesome time presenting at the Starting Strong Conference in Lynnwood, WA this week! We are so excited to share what we've learned about science instruction over the last 4 years.

We know many of you are looking for our Weather Unit! We are putting some finishing touches on it and it should be posted by this weekend. You can follow our TpT Store to get notifications for when we post new products.

For now, we have our Discussion Stoplight up as a freebie in our store! It is a simple, but effective tool to help you manage whole group discussions.